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About Us

Blaise Tech Pro is a team of brilliant IT experts working together to bring new technologies and other existing technologies and services to grow today’s digital transformation.
We do not only exist as a company but we are experts in what we are doing.

Our Digital Agency Services

Digital Marketing

Use strategic marketing tactics that have been proven to work.

Search Engine Optimization

Optimizing our web designs to rank on the first page of google is our specialty.


Custom programming for most complex functions you can think.

Web Design

Powerful web design that will out-perform your strongest competitors.


We build your online store using a flexible, modular platform that allows you to expand…

IT Consultancy

We will advise you on how to grow your business or strategy to grow your organization.

Our Approach to Workflow

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Brainstorm on specific approaches to generate ideas and possible ways to strategize on completing your project.

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Break down your vision into actionable steps, including high-level projects and initiatives in order to achieve your project goals.

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We turn your ideas into reality by developing designs that can be used to achieve your project's desire.

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We will use allocated resources to fully develop your project or product from concept to live.

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We focus on bringing your project into a real-life prototype for you to see what has been built for you.

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We'll be at your side for the life of your project making sure the progress of your project is in continuous progression.

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To get a good business plan, our capable specialists will take the necessary actions leading to a greater success of your business or project.
write a plan that will help you run your business successfully.

Our strength is cross-boundary teamwork

What Makes Us Different?

As an IT agency, we produce creative and effective solutions that transcend your project goals and recognition.

We are passionate about technology and innovation with brilliant ideas and we are constantly searching for excellent clients who are interested in our services. Contact us by phone or email to begin your project.

best digital agency

Checkout the projects we have done

Ecommerce Website Design, Advertisement, and SEO

Auto Parts Websites, Design, and Advertisement

Petcare Services Websites and SEO

Medical Health Consultant Website and SEO

E-Learning Website and Advertisement.

Hotel Management System web Application and Advertisement

How We Drive Revenue to Your Business

Looking to power up your digital strategy? Blaise Tech Pro offers a wide range of digital marketing services that work together to attract, delight, and convert leads.

Our Customers are like you!

Your budget is a problem? Are you still hesitating? Don’t forget that your project is our priority

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Clear reasons why your business needs digital marketing​

Digital marketing is important because it helps online business owners connect with their ideal customers through search engine, PPC, social media etc..

best digital agency
Reasons why every business needs a website

Having a website is an opportunity to make a great first impression and give people comfort that you’re a real business. Showcasing your brand to your prospective customers

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Reasons why your business needs a software solution

The use of software in business makes the process easy and convenient to store new leads, capture existing ones and track future sales prospects.

Frequently Asked Questions

Digital agencies are strategic and creative marketing agencies focused on user experience, mobile, social, data gathering and analytics apart from providing creative services and promotional offerings (supported by analytics and optimization of the promotional mix).
Compare the Best Digital Marketing Companies & Marketing Firms Across the World
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  • SmartSites. …
  • Lilo Social. …
  • Power Digital. …
  • Uplers. …
  • Thrive Internet Marketing Agency.
  • Blaise Tech Pro the Best Digital Agency in Cameroon…
Strategies to Attract Clients for Digital Marketing Agencies
  1. Define your expertise. …
  2. Build a strong social media presence. …
  3. Indulge in storytelling: the most effective way to resonate with clients. …
  4. Use AI and other digital marketing tools. …
  5. Leverage popular social media platforms. …
  6. Build a professional website.
List of the Top United States Digital Marketing Companies
  • Ignite Visibility. The Expert Digital Marketing Agency…
  • SmartSites. Think Web. …
  • Lilo Social. E-commerce Ad Agency in Brooklyn, New York. …
  • Naked Development. Creative Development Agency. …
  • Joseph Studios. …
  • Funnel Boost Media. …
  • Ai Media Group. …
  • SeedX Inc.
  • Blaise Tech Pro…
Consider who your ideal clients will be. In general, successful digital marketing business names are: Universal: this means the brand name makes sense across different languages. Easy to pronounce: you want your digital marketing name to be easy to find and remember.

The Quick Answer

In answer to our initial question – yes, a digital marketing agency can absolutely be a profitable business. While it might not be easy to start from the ground up or maintain along the way, there are plenty of ways to generate returns through offering digital marketing services.

8 Ways To Acquire New Clients When An Agency First Launches
  • Prioritize Relationship-Building. …
  • Exchange Discounts For Testimonials. …
  • Offer A Starter Deal. …
  • Establish A Robust Online Presence. …
  • Develop A Strong Brand And Portfolio. …
  • Put The Word Out. …
  • Tap Into First-Degree Connections. …
  • Give The First X Number Of Customers A Deal.
Ways to Get New Customers
  1. Ask for referrals. …
  2. Network. …
  3. Offer discounts and incentives for new customers only. …
  4. Re-contact old customers. …
  5. Improve your website. …
  6. Partner with complementary businesses. …
  7. Promote your expertise. …
  8. Use online reviews to your advantage.

Starting a digital marketing agency with no experience is certainly possible but will require significant training and dedication. To be successful, you’ll need to understand the various digital marketing channels and the strategies that work for each. You’ll also have to learn how to use various online tools.

  1. Develop a Business Plan. Before you start any business, it’s important to have a solid plan in place. …
  2. Offer Free Services. …
  3. Leverage Free Tools. …
  4. Focus on Organic Growth Strategies. …
  5. Network and Build Relationships. …
  6. Stay Current with Industry Trends.
7 Ways to Find New Clients as a Freelancer
  1. Cold emails.
  2. Freelance marketplaces.
  3. An online presence.
  4. Freelance societies.
  5. Your existing network.
  6. Professional development.
  7. Volunteer opportunities.
Strategies for Beginners in Digital Marketing
  • Get on-the-job experience. Once you’ve decided on an initial focus area, put yourself out there. 
  • Learn as much as you can. 
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM): .
  • Email Marketing: .
  • Content Marketing. .
  • Social Media Marketing.

Before working with our clients we must sign a contract form to show that we have an agreement this is done for security and privacy reasons.

We aren’t actively hiring right now but you are welcome to email us to introduce yourself and tell us about the kind of role you are looking for intent

This completely depends on what your project needs. 

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